Welcome to the Tinderbox Project, a dynamic hub for youth music and arts and Edinburgh.  

Bringing together young people and professionals from around the city, the Tinderbox Project is a vibrant mix of orchestras, bands, artists, voices, colours and cultures. We provide a range of workshops, programmes, festivals and public events, aiming to inspire young people and involve them in the exciting contemporary arts scene in Edinburgh and beyond.



2013 Scottish Jazz Awards nominee – Innovation award
2013 Scottish Jazz Awards nominee – Education award
“Rave Culture meets last night of the Proms” The Herald
“A spectacular modern band” The Guardian
“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News



Journey of a Thousand Wings Orchestra

World Music Orchestra Course for Young Musicians

August 2014

Ages 13-25

All instruments of all cultures welcome!

Grade 5+ (as a guideline)


The Journey of a Thousand Wings Orchestra will be exploring music from around the world and collaborating with award-winning bands and musicians from China, Ghana, Chile and the Balkans.
Put together by Tinderbox Orchestra and Edinburgh Mela Festival, Journey of a Thousand Wings will fuse traditional and modern-day music from different countries, writing & performing original compositions, and creating a multicultural orchestra unlike any you have heard before!

Join us for an amazing journey through African rhythms, Chilean melodies, contemporary Chinese folk and Balkan beats. The course will build up to 2 fantastic performances in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Edinburgh Mela Festival 2014.


Download course information here

Course website here



The Kelburn Garden Party 

4th-6th July 2014

Largs, near Ayrshire

The Kelburn Garden Party 2014 is GO GO GO!! Roll up and head over to the fairytale castle for another round of amazing music and performance – another unique blend of music containing all the good stuff: brass (lots of brass!), drums, bass, strings, song-smithery, deck-wizardry, dancing, sampling, poetry, rap, swing, rock, reggae… There are unique one-off collaborations and sonic experimentation, pop-up performance all over our amazing site, jam sessions and theatre. Fire shows, magic, comedy and cabaret.



Upcoming Events: 


5th July @ Kelburn Garden Party

More information here


17th-18th July @ Old St Pauls

South African Township Jazz Workshop


6th-10th, 17th August @ Verden Studios

Journey of a Thousand Wings Course


24th August @ Liquid Rooms

Journey of a Thousand Wings performance


30th August @ Edinburgh Mela Festival

Journey of a Thousand Wings performance



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